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Rebecca Baumann

Light Event

Rebecca Baumann Fri 9 Feb – Sun 3 Mar Carillon City FREE
  • Australia
Fri 9 Feb – Sun 3 Mar at Carillon City, FREE

A Perth Festival Commission

The disused space of Carillon City becomes an abstracted timepiece with Rebecca Baumann’s intervention Light Event.

Engaging with ideas of temporality and permanence, Light Event changes and interacts with the space through the application of dichroic film on the iconic atrium window. Dichroic film is a dynamic material, which shifts colour when viewed from different angles, and transmits a different coloured light in the spectrum to that which it reflects. Transience and temporality are inherent within the material itself.

The space shifts and changes with the movement of the sun, creating coloured shafts of light that flood the building and track the day. Internally the space is bathed in a pink light, creating an immersive, supernatural atmosphere and bringing an element of eeriness to the abandoned city space. The work creates a performative space, setting up a stage for something to happen. Light Event is not just to be seen, but to be felt and experienced.

Perth artist Rebecca Baumann works across sculpture, installation and performance. Her practice explores the relationships between colour, time, movement, space, and materiality, and the emotive potential that exists when these elements converge in different ways. Often kinetic or ephemeral, Baumann’s work has employed a wide range of playful and experimental materials, including confetti, balloons, vinyl, streamers, smoke and tinsel. Baumann’s work questions notions of temporality and permanence – bringing her audiences into changing, affective spaces that respond in different ways to changes in light and movement.

Time & Location

Fri 9 Feb – Sun 3 Mar

Carillon City, entry via Hay and Murray Street malls, Perth CBD / Karboordup


Free Event


This light installation is viewable from the old food court.

Main Entrance is via level entry off Murray Street Mall

Event Partners


  • Rebecca Baumann, 'Light Interference (Spectral Transmission)', 2022, installation view. Photo: Alex Lovell-Smith
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