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Perth Festival extends an invitation for students and the organisations and individuals that support them to participate in the Festival.

The full Creative Learning program can be downloaded here

Festival artists and local storytellers provide students in years 10 - 12 with a deeper appreciation of Aboriginal histories, cultures and knowledge traditions. From Indigenous culture to land management, race relations to connection to Country, (Ni’) Listen Up! is a FREE Perth Festival event that will leave students with a greater understanding of our First Nations Peoples’ ways of being, knowing, thinking and doing.

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In 2020 Perth Festival will work with members of the Noongar community to offer an enriching cultural program to Primary Schools which combines storytelling as well as an introductory Noongar language lesson.

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Contemporary Circus Workshop

Join Circa for a practical workshop in contemporary circus, experiencing everything from acrobalance to handstands and tumbling. Activities will complement the Leviathan performance experience, with participants having the opportunity to work with Circa’s world renowned artists and trainers to learn new skills and refine technique.

Year Level
7 – 12
Date Week of Mon 10 Feb
Dates and times to be confirmed upon booking
Duration 90mins
Venue In School

Australian String Quartet Open Rehearsals

The Australian String Quartet’s ongoing work with First Nation performers features collaborations that sit at the intersection of Indigenous culture and European tradition. Step inside the groups final rehearsals with William Barton (Thursday), Lou Bennett and Stephen Pigram (Friday) as they put the finishing touches on the Quartet & Country (p28) program.

Year Level 8 – 12
Date Thu 13 & Fi 14 Feb 11.30am – 12.30pm
Venue University of Western Australia

Noongar Songs from Hecate

Join members from the Hecate Creative Team for a cross-curriculum workshop that shares Noongar language and songs from the show. In Hecate, the poetic and expressive qualities of the Noongar language are showcased and this unique workshop allows participants to deepen their exploration of language and songs.

Year Level  7 – 12
Date Tue 18 & Thu 20 Feb, times to be confirmed
Venue In School

Colossus Dance Workshop

Learn about the exciting movement ideas and choreography from Stephanie Lake Company's large-scale dance work, Colossus. Colossus dancers will lead students through a range of movement tasks and experiments, learning choreography from the show. 

Year Level  7 – 12
Date Fri 21 Feb 1.30 – 2.30pm
Venue In School

Hofesh Shechter – Up Close 

See behind the scenes of Hofesh in the Yard by watching the company training and rehearsing, participating in a Q&A with artists and creatives and then attending the show. The experience will deepen engagement with the work, enrich the understanding of contemporary dance practice and give insight into one of the leading choreographers of our times.

Year Level 11 – 12
Date Fri 21 & Fri 28 Feb 7pm
Duration 60mins
Venue State Theatre Centre of Western Australia

Acting and Language in Cloudstreet

Join performers Ian Michael and Ebony McGuire for an interactive workshop focussing on the style of performance within Cloudstreet and the process of integrating Noongar language into an existing work. Students will gain insight into the development of the work through participation in activities inspired by the rehearsal process.

Year Level 9 – 11
Date Tue 3 March
Venue In School
Duration 90 minutes

Adapting Text for the Stage

Join Black Swan State Theatre Company artistic director Clare Watson to explore the adaptation of texts for live performance. Beginning with an in-depth exploration of the Cloudstreet adaptation, this workshop touches on adaptations from the ancient to the contemporary and provides students the opportunity to interrogate the process of moving text from the page to the stage.

Year Level  9 – 11
Date Tue 10 March
Venue In School
Duration 90 minutes

Perth Festival will endeavour to find appropriate workshop venues free of charge for any schools that may not be able to host in school workshops.

Workshop spaces are extremely limited and bookings are not guaranteed until confirmed by the Festival. With the exception of the Australian String Quartet open rehearsals, workshops are only available to school groups that have booked tickets to the linked performance.

Workshop booking requests can be submitted to Please make sure you include the workshop name, preferred dates and times (where there are multiple workshops or unconfirmed details), teacher contact information and number of participating students.

The first step in booking tickets for your school group is to submit a Ticket Request Form to

Ticket Request Forms are available here.

How do I know when it’s been processed?

All schools will be notified by Perth Festival on receipt of their Ticket Request Form and requests will be processed within 7 working days.

Please note that bookings are not guaranteed until confirmed by Perth Festival.

Is there a way I can guarantee my school will get tickets to the performance I list as our first preference?

School Group Tickets have limited capacity and are subject to availability. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that you will get into the shows you want.

The Ticket Request Form asks you to list multiple dates that you will be able to attend. This gives us the best chance to find a performance that works for you.

In the instance that the discounted Schools Tickets have run out for all of your preferred performances, our Ticketing Team may be able to arrange tickets for your group at Concession prices. In this instance, we will let you know your options before the booking is processed.

How can I arrange payment?

Once our Ticketing Team has processed your Ticket Request Form, we will send you an invoice for payment.

Please note that for performances on or before Sunday 16 February 2020, all tickets must be paid for no later than Wednesday 5 February 2020.

For performances and events on or after Monday 17 February 2020, all tickets must be paid for no later than Wednesday 12 February 2020.

Any tickets not paid for by these will be released for sale to the general public.

All ticket purchases are final and shall not be refunded, except as required by law or in accordance with the Live Performance Australia (LPA) Ticketing Code of Practice or as otherwise specified by Perth Festival.

Full Ticketing Terms & Conditions can be found here.

Details for accessible performances and services can be found here and on each event page.

Please contact Perth Festival on or 6488 8616 if you have any questions or to book a captioned, AUSLAN or audio described performance, or a tactile tour.

Perth Festival presents world class events that showcase the very best artistry and interpretations of text.

We believe that an excursion to a Perth Festival event has the potential to develop students:

  • Confidence in becoming innovative and creative artists and thinkers
  • Skills to critically engage with texts from Australia and other cultures
  • Communication skills, methodologies and awareness
  • Empathy and self-awareness to explore, depict and celebrate the human experience
  • Comprehension of texts through listening and viewing
  • Knowledge of how visual information contributes to the meanings created in texts
  • Artistic, aesthetic and cultural appreciation of art forms from past and contemporary contexts, including cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary events
  • Respect for, and knowledge of, the diverse purposes, traditions, histories and cultures of art making and critical response
  • Reflection on thinking and processes
  • Knowledge of methods used to apply and control elements, skills, techniques, processes, forms and styles of art making
  • Skills and techniques to actively analyse and create art
  • Understanding of the adaptation of texts for live performance
  • Understanding that languages are living

All students who attend a ticketed Perth Festival event will receive a Play Book at no additional cost. The Perth Festival Play Books are a wonderful way to continue engagement with the arts, far beyond attendance at a performance or event.

Play Books can be used to stimulate discuss, reflection and interrogation of work seen in the Festival and will explore concepts of identity and cross-cultural understanding through the arts.

Excursion Management Information can be found in this document. 

In the instance that Certificates of Currency expire before Perth Festival 2020, we will update this document as soon as possible.

Arts and English educators working in West Australian secondary schools are invited to become Festival insiders with access to special offers and invitations. Receive Friends of the Festival discounts off most tickets, invitations to dress rehearsals, discounts from Boffins Books and more!

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If you have a question that hasn’t been answered above or you require any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Creative Learning and Ticketing teams on

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