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We aim to have a big impact on our community and a low impact on our environment. In remunerated consultation with our advisory committees and external consultants we have created action plans to keep us accountable to our goals.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) was developed in order have a strategic plan around reconciliation with our Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander community and keep our organisation accountable. Perth Festival programs a considerable amount of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander work, or work which includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content and voices. This is part of our organisational strategic goal; to embrace Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and celebration of place; ensuring cultures feature at the heart of our programs, increasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation and incorporating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and celebration of place in everything we do.

Before our first RAP was endorsed in September 2021, this consultation and the outcomes have not been formally measured or reported. We aim to create a tangible plan for reconciliation that is reinforced by the works we present and the way in which we operate. 

Read our RAP.

Disability, Access and Inclusion Plan

Perth Festival celebrates diversity and difference. We believe all people should have equal access to the arts and we champion accessibility for artists and audiences. As such, we have created a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan to outline Perth Festival’s strategy for improving access and inclusion through programming, audience access and operational reforms.

Our DAIP builds on success and learnings from previous work over the years and provides a roadmap for the future to shape and extend the Festival’s focus. It is ambitious and spans across the tenures of three Artistic Directors to ensure that access and inclusion is part of the Festival’s DNA and is embedded across our organisation.

We acknowledge the importance of continuous learning in this area, and that the Festival will build upon current knowledge and continue to work collaboratively to raise the aspirations outlined in this Plan over the years ahead.

Read our our DAIP in PDF, easy English and Word Doc.


We acknowledge that climate change is happening and that Festivals have not traditionally been the most environmentally friendly events to undertake. We aim to be an example in changing this.

We're currently in consultation with industry professionals to develop a sustainability roadmap to keep us accountable on our journey to minimise our impact on the environment. Things we will address in our five year plan include green house gas emissions, energy use and waste reduction.

Once finalised, we will publish our Sustainability Action Plan on this page. Watch this space!

Impact Report

Each year we use participant surveys and financial data analysis by Culture Counts to assess Perth Festival's impact.  The 2022 Impact Report showed that the 2022 Festival provided a big social, cultural and economic boost for the Western Australian community, confirming the Festival’s significant public value as an investment in community wellbeing. 

Read how in our 2022 Impact Report.