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Teacher Learning

Our 2024 Professional Learning program offers teachers the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in design and technical elements of live performance.  

Each day will be split into two halves; PROCESS in the morning, and PRACTICE in the afternoons. Workshops can be attended as a full-day experience, or in two halves. Each workshop is standalone, and attendance at the other is not required. 

PROCESS workshops do require participants to attend the linked performance for each workshop, at their own expense. Perth Festival can facilitate this as part of a group booking on a set date, or participants can organize their own tickets. You will decide on application which option you’d like to do.  

PROCESS workshops will involve a discussion about the show, a Q&A with artists involved in the performance, and a session on how working with that design element impacts artistic processes. 

PRACTICE workshops will be a hands-on exploration of that design element, with a focus on helping you pass this learning on to your students. Programs and technology used will be cheap, accessible and easy-to-work-with.

Certificates of Professional Development Completion are made available to participants after the workshops.

Registrations have now closed

Confirmation: By Wednesday 13 Dec, 2023. 

Sound Design PD: Wednesday 21 Feb, 2024 

Theatre Magic PD: Friday 1 March, 2024. 

Props & Costume PD: Thursday 7 March, 2024. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with [email protected]  

Five people in swimsuits stand in a line. They are all making various expressions.


Dive into how Sound Design works in live performance with local artist and musician David Stewart. During PROCESS in the morning, hear from Black Swan State Theatre Company artists who have been working on The Pool about how their ambitious sound-design impacted the creative process, and how they went about developing it. In PRACTICE in the afternoon, experience a range of tips and tricks for helping students create quality sound-design for performances.  

Date: Wednesday 21 February, 2024 

Venue: All Saints’ College. Ewing Ave, Bull Creek.  

Sound Design Process: 9am – 12pm  

Sound Design Practice: 1pm – 4pm  

Register for Sound Design at this link. 

Audience sat around a large table with white table cloth with the table set in front of the. The performer is acting as a waiter serving an audience member.


Geoff Sobelle’s stage illusion craft brings delight and surprise into his performance of FOOD, and help us remember the magical experience of live art. With guidance from Designer and Director Mark Haslam of kdmindustries, learn about how artists incorporate tricks into their work in the morning’s PROCESS workshop, and find out how you can easily make magic yourselves in the afternoon’s PRACTICE session.  

Date: Friday 1 March, 2024 

Venue: All Saints’ College. Ewing Ave, Bull Creek.  

Theatre Magic Design Process: 9am – 12pm  

Theatre Magic Design Practice: 1pm – 4pm  

Register for Theatre Magic at this link. 

Two performers in action poses standing on the bonnet of an old yellow car with no doors. Person is sat in the drivers seat and scene set of white house is in the background.


Clothes, things…we all have them, we all need them onstage. But how do you go about approaching their design in an exciting and creative way? Guided by 2024 Perth Festival visual artist Susan Flavell, explore an approach to object design PROCESS, and get some handy hints about creating your own in the afternoon’s PRACTICE workshop.  

Date: Thursday 7 March, 2024  

Venue: All Saints’ College. Ewing Ave, Bull Creek.  

Props & Costume Design Process: 9am – 12pm  

Props & Costume Design Practice: 1pm – 4pm  

Register for Props & Costume at this link.