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Our Staff

We couldn't create a Festival without our brilliant staff. 

Artistic Director: Iain Grandage

Executive Director: Nathan Bennett


Head of Programming: Rachael Whitworth

Senior Program Manager: Jessica Darlow

Senior Producer: Anna Kosky

Producer: Deborah Robertson

Program Associate – Film: Tom Vincent

Program Associate – Contemporary Music: Tom Supple

Visual Arts Curator: Annika Kristensen

Associate Producer – Creative Learning: Sam Nerida

Associate Producer: Georgia Smith

Associate Producer: Melanie Julien-Martial

Associate Producer – Contemporary Music: Indi Ranson

Program Administrator: Dana Nguyen

Program Coordinator: George Siciliano

Program Coordinator – Visual Arts: Amy Miller



Technical Director and Head of Production: Shona Treadgold

Event Operations and Logistics Manager: Fiona Smith

Event Manager: Kestin Owens

Event Services Coordinator: Kelly Ashley

Event Operations Coordinator: Ruby Bell

Production Manager, Special Events: John Carter

Production Administrator: Alex Hayes

Production Manager: Ian Studham

Production Manager: Jason Thelwell

Production Coordinator: Rachael Canning

Production Coordinator: Dana Ioppolo

Production Assistant: Simonne Matthews



Head of Development: Marina Woodhouse

Senior Manager, Philanthropy: Penelope Dolling 

Philanthropy Consultant: Andree McIntyre

Philanthropy Coordinator: Alexander McKinnon

Senior Manager, Partnerships: Georgia Clark

Partnerships Manager: Anna Lee Normann

Partnerships Coordinator: Acil Tayba

Development Events Manager: Serene Cho



Chief Financial Officer: Kenny Lye

Payroll Officer: Linda Gannon

Senior Accountant: Melanie Jones

Accounts Officers: Jocelyn Kuan, Maroeska Mandle


People, Social Impact and Sustainability

Head of People, Social Impact and Sustainability / General Counsel: Courtney Fiddian

People and Culture Manager / Legal Counsel: Charlotte Thorne

Community and Engagement Manager: Ellie Murray-Yong

Community and Engagement Manager: Claire Birch (Parental Leave Cover)

People & Community Coordinator: Sophie Dann

Cultural Liaison: Alta Winmar

IT Operations Manager: Justin Cheek

Executive Services Manager: Pier Leach


Marketing & Communications

Head of Brand, Marketing and Experience: Carolyn Mooney

Campaign Manager: Dana Alamsyah

Communications Manager: Stephen Bevis

Digital Marketing Manager: Rachel Audino

Marketing and Communications Executive: Lauren Papendorf

Marketing Coordinator: Ella Winterbottom

Communications Coordinator: Verena Mornhinweg

Digital Marketing Coordinator: Felicity Tan

Marketing Assistant: Olivia Triglavcanin

Head of Design: Scott Weir

Motion Designer: David Ryan

Junior Designer: Kate Higson

Publications Manager: Andi Lawson-Moore

Scenic & Activation Designer: Fiona Bruce

Scenic & Activation Designer: Louise Brady (Parental Leave Cover)

Signage Coordinator: Eilish Campbell

Ticketing and Customer Experience Manager: Kate Valentine

Loyalty and Retention Executive: Emily Davies

Ticketing Coordinator: Ellie Aitchison

Stakeholder Ticketing Coordinator: Caitlin Johnson

Stakeholder Ticketing Coordinator: Nat Czernicziw

Box Office Coordinator: Kaili Gardner


Special Projects

Head of Special Projects: Ruth Catlin

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