Youth Advisory Council

Recognising the importance of involving young people in our decision-making processes, the Youth Advisory Council was created to ensure that the Festival has a direct pathway for young people to engage with the Festival, and for their voices to be heard.   
The Council provides advice and guidance on how we can increase participation of young people in the Festival, but also to advocate for youth related issues within the Festival. Offered as part of the Creative Learning program, the Youth Advisory Council is also focussed on skills development opportunities for its members.


The Youth Advisory Council is a space for exactly this. Participants will get directly involved in our Festival, learn the intricacies of how a Festival operates and deliver a project (think zine, talk, event, workshop, anything!) created and driven by the Council.

Over the course of six months (September 2020 – February 2021), members of the Youth Advisory Council will contribute to Perth Festival 2021 – advising on youth related issues across Festival operations, participating in program development and delivery, and producing their own project. The Council will also explore the Festival’s relationship with Indigenous community and artists, and what it means for us to create and present a Festival on Noongar boodja.



Meet Our Youth Advisory Council!

Amy. Youth Advisory Council

Amy Bowdrey

Amy is a young professional working as a Program Support Coordinator at DVassist – a not-for-profit supporting those experiencing domestic and family violence in regional, rural and remote Western Australia.  She graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Political Science and International Relations, and Law and Society.

Amy has a strong passion for social justice, in particular for those impacted by family and domestic violence, youth rights and women’s rights. In her spare time you can find her mentoring students at the University of Western Australia or volunteering.

Amy is excited to be working with the Perth Festival 2021 Youth Advisory Council to respond to youth topics and issues. She is looking forward to exploring the innovative ways that the Perth Festival can address social justice through artistic mediums.

Apu. Youth Advisory Council

Apu Karajagi

Apu Karajagi is an art enthusiast and has great understanding of culture, access and inclusion issues that exist for people with disabilities, multicultural backgrounds and Indigenous communities. She works in the health sector – her job involves working with local Aboriginal communities and people with disability.

Apu is a passionate lover of the arts; frequenting museums, art galleries, and cinemas. She is also passionate about the environment and sustainability, and hopes to combine her passion for the environment, access and inclusion, and the arts together to help people connect with community and get inspired to make local and positive change.

She believes art is a great way to connect with people, hear stories and understand different cultures and perspectives, and hopes by being part of the Youth Advisory Council, can get young people more involved and educated with the arts to connect with country.

Brianne. Youth Advisory Council

Brianne Yarran

Brianne Yarran is a proud Whadjuk,Balladong, Wagyl Kaip woman from the South West of Western Australia. She is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Art double majoring in Law and Society and Indigenous knowledge, history and heritage.

Brianne values educating the community on her culture’s dark and stolen past which allows people to have a better understanding as to why certain social issues are present in today’s society. Her plans for the future are to become a lawyer and to be a voice and fight for herself and her people. She has been the recipient of numerous awards such as the encouragement NAIDOC Award, National Future Leaders Award and WA Youth Award which all acknowledged her work and involvement in the community. Brianne had the privilege of being chosen to represent Western Australia in the 2017 National Indigenous Youth Parliament in Canberra where she addressed key issues such as Stolen Generations, lack of Indigenous history and culture in Australian school curriculum and the need for more support for Young people both in and out of schools. 

She now works with Boorloo Justice (organisers of the BLM Perth Protest) and a Follow the dream tutor for the Graham Polly Farmer Foundation.

Josef. Youth Advisory Council

Josef Quinn

Josef is nineteen years old and currently residing in Bunbury WA where he volunteers at the local art gallery and has a casual job as a cashier. With a passion for art, Josef thoroughly enjoys creating and having the ability to express himself through all mediums.  Josef plans to study art in the near future and wants to become more socially engaged.

As a Consumer Representative with the Western Australia Children Health Services, Josef represents his age demographic in the South West and speaks about challenges the youth are facing in the medical field, and within mental health services.

As a child Josef was quite sporty and loved the community and companionship it created. Over the past few years, his interests have turned towards art and he has fallen in love with the community that comes along with it. He wants to immerse himself within the arts world and this opportunity to be a part of the Youth Advisory Council for the Perth Festival 2021 came just at the right time.

Kailyn. Youth Advisory Council

Kailyn Crabbe

Kailyn Crabbe is an Arts Administrator and Event Manager. Hailing from a small town in the south-west, she is currently studying at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in pursuit of a BA in Arts Management. In the past several years she has held various roles across Event Management and Production, Marketing, Public Relations, Event Ticketing, and Music Journalism in organisations such as Perth Festival, Perth Theatre Trust, Fringe World, WASO, and WAM.

She enjoys searching for new sounds, ideas and forms of expression. In 2020 this led her to become a regular host of the Out to Lunch new music on community radio station RTRFM. She is also the co-founder of up-and-coming Perth based dance music collective Crab Claw, and has began to establish herself as a tastemaker within the wider Perth music community. By night you’ll find her commanding dance floors across the city as an eclectic selector and DJ.

Kailyn Crabbe is passionate about diversity, accessibility and inclusivity within the arts. She believes that the arts bring people together to share experiences, push boundaries, and create new understanding of the world we live in. She looks forward to collaborating with Perth Festival as a part of the Youth Advisory Council platform to help promote young voices and ideas. 

Kate. Youth Advisory Council

Kate Milligan

Kate is a composer, conductor, and researcher. She is currently working with the Perth Symphony Orchestra (PSO) as the inaugural Conducting Fellow and as an Artistic Planner. She is an alumni of the PSO’s Women on the Podium Program and is a participant in the West Australian Symphony Orchestra’s 2020 Emerging Conductors Program.

Kate is mid-way through a Master of Music by research at the University of Western Australia, examining the gendered conditions of orchestral conducting in a neoliberal feminist context. She graduated from her undergraduate degree in composition in 2018, and has since been commissioned by a range of Perth-based ensembles including Decibel, Perth Orchestra Project, and Intercurrent. This year, she is a participant in the national Summers Night Project for emerging female and non-binary composers, with a new work due to premiere across the country in early 2021.

Kate is passionate about diversity and accessibility in the arts and has been avidly involved in community music-making for several years. She conducted the WA Medical Students’ Orchestra throughout their 2018 and 2019 seasons, performing to—and raising money for—asylum seekers, refugees, and detainees. These performances remain the most treasured and rewarding of her career thus far.

Lawrence. Youth Advisory Council

Lawrence Drown

Lawrence is a passionate and active member of all things music in Perth.

After completing a Curtin University Bachelor of Arts Journalism degree he can be heard hosting regular talk and current affairs radio program On The Record, whilst also broadcasting monthly funky DJ mixes full of classic boogie and deep disco sounds on The Rounds for local independent community radio station RTR FM 92.1.

Also known as Larry D, the DJ can be caught playing for a wealth of eclectic and underground dance nights in Perth including Outer Body, Turnt Tables, Crab Claw and more from Connections Nightclub, The Bird, Ezra Pound and every backyard rave cave between.

More recently he’s started teaching other music lovers the skills to DJ their own music under the Larry D DJ Degree. Programming events for new student DJ’s taking on the industry with other prominent Perth DJ’s at The Bird in Northbridge with a mission to teach all the skills needed to

perform on any club equipment on the planet to anyone with a passion for music, including some of Perth’s most underprivileged.

Positivity is the message to progress music, arts and culture in Perth!

Rachel. Youth Advisory Council

Rachel Anderson

Rachel is currently on her gap year after graduating high school in 2019. Instead of traveling, she has been spending her time in community theatre. Rachel loves the art of storytelling and has enjoyed working with many different people to bring a range of stories to life on stage here in Perth. Her passion lies in the production team as she takes on the role of Stage Manager or Assistant Stage Manager within productions. Rachel has worked with multiple theatre companies include GRADS at UWA, the Old Mill Theatre in South Perth as well as with high school students with Snapshot Youth Theatre Company in the northern suburbs.

Rachel was drawn to the Youth Advisory Council, due to her love of the arts and wanting to have an impact on the wider community in Perth. She is honoured to be part of the first Youth Advisory Council for the Perth Festival, and is very excited to work with fellow council members and the team at Perth Festival to increase inclusion, see the topics that can be tackled and ultimately what can be achieved together to make Perth Festival 2021 the best one yet.

Ryan. Youth Advisory Council

Ryan Ng

Ryan Ng (he/him) is a Malaysian Chinese artist and illustrator currently based in Perth, WA. Back in Malaysia, Ryan draws for exhibitions, conducts live demonstrations, and actively facilitates and participates in community art events.
Ryan is a strong believer in connecting with community through art, and has partnered with a number of community-run organizations from animal shelters to activist groups. In 2018, Ryan was the first artist-in-residence at the 5-star hotel resort St Regis Langkawi and had his first solo exhibition in 2019 at G Hotel, Penang. He has also conducted two Chinese painting demonstrations in national Chinese cultural festivals. Ryan started art as an urban sketcher in 2016, has participated two international urban sketching conferences, and conducts urban sketching workshops – the most recent one being in ENEX Perth. Ryan is also an illustrator with projects from poster designs to song cover art. He is the monthly illustrator for Getting It Strait, a youth-run zine on contemporary thoughts and affairs.
Ryan is currently pursuing a double major in Finance and Economics at the University of Western Australia, and remains active in the art scene outside of university. He is a part of youth panels including the Pulse Youth Advisory Panel at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the Youth Advisory Council for the Perth Festival, the KickstART Festival Youth Planning Committee, and volunteers at Paper Mountain, a community run art space in his remaining free time.
Ryan is passionate in diversity and collaboration in the arts. He believes that sharing from all perspectives is vital for artists to grow as a collective community. Outside of art, Ryan enjoys playing pool and poker, movie nights, and everything involving nature and calmness.
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