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Human Energy fuels partnership and performance

Human Energy fuels partnership and performance

‘With the support of Chevron Australia, the Festival can continue to bring enriching, world-class cultural experiences to the local community, helping to cement Perth as a truly global city and a thriving place to work and live.’ Chevron Australia Managing Director, Nigel Hearne

For our community to grow and prosper it must be powered by innovative new ideas and forms of expression.

That’s what motivates us at the Perth Festival, which was established to bring the world’s greatest artists and thought leaders to people in the most remote capital city in the world.

Modern communications have eased the tyranny of distance in many ways since the Festival began in 1953. Yet we still face the massive financial and logistic challenges of bringing hundreds of international artists to our backyard for a few weeks each summer.

Of course, this exchange doesn’t just last for three weeks each year. It leaves an enduring mark on our city and its people.

The 2018 Festival marks six years since Chevron Australia became our International Excellence Partner. This extension of Chevron Australia’s long-term support of the Festival launched exciting new program offerings for the Western Australian community.

It also pumped up the volume on the ultimate summer soundtrack by supporting the contemporary music program at the Chevron Gardens.

Like us, Chevron Australia knows that the sparks of inspiration and vitality really fly when people get together in the same place at the same time. It is the perfect example of people, partnership and performance in action.

The significant support, passion and commitment of Chevron Australia has been crucial in allowing the Perth Festival’s vision to be turned into a reality for the people of Perth to enjoy.