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Young Creatives

Perth Festival Young Creatives

Perth Festival is seeking passionate Young Creatives who hope to contribute to culture and the arts in Western Australia.

Young Creatives is a unique development program that provides aspiring arts professionals aged 15 – 18 with opportunities to explore a career in the arts. Young Creatives connect with Perth Festival artists, performers and practitioners as they participate in an immersive and individualised program of activities.

Young Creatives attend performances and events, engage behind-the-scenes and participate in exclusive one-on-one opportunities with select Festival performers, practitioners and artists. Participants build their critical engagement with the arts through facilitated discussions that provide context and knowledge and encourage them to think critically about the arts.

We are thrilled to announce the Young People who will be joining Finn O’Branagain for 2019 Young Creatives.

Bethan – Shenton College

Bethan’s connection to the arts has a heavy focus on Visual Arts and has her mind set on immersing herself into a career with direct involvement in Visual Arts. Through Young Creatives Bethan is hoping to gain new experiences and understandings as well as connection with other young people that hold similar values and passions.

Grace – Perth Waldorf School

Grace has been involved in the arts since she can remember composing, writing and painting. Since entering secondary school Grace has immersed herself in multiple art forms and now has her eyes set on studying music at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Grace hopes that through Young Creatives she will explore and increase her knowledge in multiple art forms.   

James – Dianella Secondary College

James has a strong belief in the power of the arts having the ability to assist us in expressing ourselves. With a keen interest literature, media and music, James is hoping Young Creatives gives him new opportunities to delve into his most loved art forms as well as the networks to help forge a career in the arts. 

Lilian – John Forrest Secondary College

Lilian has engaged in music having learnt both guitar and piano from childhood. Since entering secondary school Lilian has immersed herself into the world of theatre, taking part in a number of school productions. Lilian hopes that through Young Creatives she will gain invaluable experience and knowledge of the arts as well as meeting and engaging with like minded young people.

Mia – John XXIII College

Taking a very large leap of faith has shaped Mia’s future. Since taking on ATAR level Visual Arts with no experience Mia has totally and completely immersed herself in the visual arts. As an artist Mia predominantly works with photography, oil painting, graphite drawings, printmaking, as well as experimentation with other mixed media. Mia hopes that Young Creatives will continue to ignite her passion for artmaking and help me to find my place in the arts industry.   

Olivia – Swan View Senior High School

With a deep engagement in the performing arts and keen interest in directing and technical production Olivia hopes to attend the Victorian College of the Arts or the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Olivia hopes that through being engaged in Young Creatives she will acquire new skills and knowledge about the arts industry to take forward with her after school.