Bedside Manner

Jessie Bullivant

Bedside Manner Over the Airwaves FREE
  • Finland / Australia
Fri 11 Feb – Sun 6 Mar at Over the Airwaves, FREE

'I’ve been thinking about the possibility of an … artwork for this coming Festival that is everywhere and nowhere, an artwork of absence, something that gestures from across an ocean but is also in the air and in the body, of it (the body) somehow, like shaking seawater out of the ear.'
- Gemma Weston (Perth Festival Program Associate: Visual Arts), invitation email to Jessie Bullivant

Bedside Manner is a newly commissioned work by Finland-based artist Jessie Bullivant. As an extension of Jessie’s ongoing research into themes of care/work, authority and interplays between institutional roles, they will produce a new work that will be delivered to you by a midwife, over the airwaves.

Jessie Bullivant

Jessie is a Helsinki-based artist, writer and cultural worker, originally from so-called Australia. They draw on the intersecting histories of institutional critique, affect theory, queer feminism and crip discourse to examine the various ways that institutional systems and practices are embodied. They completed a Master of Fine Arts at the Finnish Academy of Fine Art in 2020, where their 2019 Masters' thesis work was a durational series of 26 emails, sent daily from ‘Jacqui Bullivant, mother’ to a list of subscribers, excusing Jessie from presenting work in their graduate exhibition that day. 

Their Highly Commended entry in the 2016 John Fries Award was a sealed envelope containing a pre-recorded acceptance speech, only to be delivered in the event that they were to be awarded first prize. And their work for NEW15 (2015) at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art was a shrug (the raising and lowering of shoulders) performed by the gallery attendants.

Their writing has been published in Un magazine 14.2 (Australia, 2020), Koreografisk Journal #6: Dressage (Sweden, 2019), Writing & Concepts 2016: Volume 1 (Australia, 2018), and Art+Australia online (Australia, 2018).

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Fri 11 Feb – Sun 6 Mar

Over the Airwaves


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