Visual Arts Keynote & Long Table

An Urgent Question of Survival

Visual Arts Keynote & Long Table Art Gallery of Western Australia Art Gallery of Western Australia FREE Ticket info
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After a keynote from Awavena Director Lynette Wallworth, join the artist and invited guests from the arts and science community, and members of the public in a Long Table discussion exploring what it means to live with climate crisis, ways of being on Aboriginal land, and how to speak through culture and technology on these pressing issues.

The Long Table is a discussion format that borrows from the idea of a dinner table discussion as a way to generate public conversation. Conceived in 2003 by Lois Weaver in response to the divided nature of conventional panel discussions, the Long Table allows voices to be heard equally. The Long Table provides food for thought.

Invited speakers include eminent scientist and ecologist Professor Kingsley Dixon, respected cultural advocate Carol Innes, artist and researcher Oron Catts, School Strike for Climate Perth organiser Sampson McCracken, and artists Esther McDowell/Yabini Kickett and Curtis Taylor, with more to be announced.


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  • By Greg Downing
  • Featuring director Lynette Wallworth, with Tashka, Chief of the Yawanawa.
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