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Hand Stories

A rare glimpse into a delicate art form in the hands of a master.

Australian exclusive


‘Historical, political, deep, sad, and sometimes very funny.’

- The New Yorker

An epic story of three generations of a family and the fascinating history of 20th century China told by the hands of a master artist.

Traditional puppetry skills and modern multimedia effects are expertly combined in an entertaining show that, like the life story it tells, is full of sadness and laugh-out-loud humour. Puppet master Yeung Fai stages his personal story with the help of a series of exquisitely hand-crafted figures. With skilful manipulation tigers, dragons, concubines and clashing warriors come to life before your eyes. Join them for an emotional and poetic journey told with a new take on an age-old artform.

Images: Mario Del Curto

'A flavorful taste of a traditional art form rarely seen and perhaps in danger of extinction.' NEW YORK TIMES

The detail



60mins no interval
Latecomers not admitted


Cast & Crew

Performers Yeung Fai and Yoann Pencolé          
Stage Manager Adrien Gardel           
Technician Keyne Motte 
Lighting Designer Christophe Kherli
Music Colin Offord
Video Yilan Yeh 
Tour Manager Thierry Tordjman      


Post Show Conversation

Fri 16 Feb, 8.30pm


Additional Info

Smoke and strobe effects, loud sounds

Hand Stories Executive Producer T&T Productions
The Puppet-Show Man is produced by Theatre le Manège – Scène nationale – Maubeuge – France

Register your interest here to be involved with Yeung Fai’s Artist-in-Residence Workshop. Workshop is directed by Yeung Fai, assisted by Inbal Yomtovian

Supported by Artist-In-Residence patrons Adrian and Michela Fini



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