City of Lights

We’re lighting up the Festival with a brand-new precinct!

Welcome to the City of Lights, a place to see and hear great music, enjoy delicious food and drinks and meet up with friends – or make new ones!

Inspired by the moment in 1962 when Perth residents left on their lights and shone torches to light up the night for US astronaut John Glenn as he orbited Earth, we’re providing a welcoming beacon for visitors and locals during the Festival.

Our City of Lights takes in the whole of Perth Concert Hall, but not as you know it! Experience this home of fine music as a ceremonial dance ground and an international Kabarett Haus, as well as in its traditional role.

The pulsing heart of this new Festival hub is Chevron Lighthouse – your ultimate destination for summer good times and contemporary music. 

Ignite your summer at the City of Lights at Kabarett Haus and Chevron Lighthouse.

Perth Concert Hall & Surrounds
Fri 7 Feb – Sun 1 Mar
Thu – Sun 5pm – late
Free - access to the precinct is free, individual shows are ticketed.

It is a rare being who in solo performance can create an electricity and connection with an audience when in the hugeness of a concert hall that is both grand and genuine. So, it is with great pleasure that I have curated this mini-series of concerts for Perth Festival’s brand-new Kabarett Haus season.

I am thrilled to present two extraordinary artists who in their songwriting, musicianship, art, activism and lives bring what is, for me, the essence of great performance – I’m calling it ‘epic intimacy’. Rufus Wainwright and Amanda Palmer are, in their unique ways, raw, sublime, transcendent, charismatic, urgent and real. The authenticity of these two voices makes them a profound, beautiful and provocative experience in Perth Concert Hall. We kick off this little big season with the mayhem of Meow Meow’s Pandemonium as a very special symphonic extravaganza.

Meow Meow, Curator

Rufus Wainwright
An intimate evening with one of the great vocalists

Amanda Palmer
A night of piano, pain and laughter from an artist that defies definition

Meow Meow's Pandemonium
An unforgettable evening of exquisite music and much mayhem

Your ultimate destination for summer good times and contemporary music. Kick back to free music Thursday to Sunday, try a tasty morsel or indulge in a drop at Market Alley and soak up all the fun of a great night out.

Get moving to the sounds of summer as the ticketed Main Stage once again becomes the place to see the biggest and best names in contemporary music.

All the Chevron Lighthouse acts can be located in our Contemporary Music category.