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madison moore


madison moore is a cultural critic, DJ and assistant professor of gender, sexuality and women’s studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. He is creative director and resident DJ at OPULENCE, an art-collective and queer techno party. He writes about pop culture, Beyoncé (lmao), queerness, fashion, nightlife, sound, media, visual culture and contemporary art. In his first book Fabulous: The Rise of the Beautiful Eccentric, he takes fabulousness seriously as a radical aesthetic practice, writing powerfully and with vigour, grace and humour about how marginalised people turn pain and struggle into opulence.

moore is currently at work on an EP of electronic music and a new book under contract at Yale University Press called How To Go Clubbing an exploration of the myth and mythology of Saturday night. As a techno DJ madison has a passion for bass, soundscapes and the romantic, emotive power of dark techno, with flourishes of sassy, uplifting brilliance. And beyonce. 

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